Mark Lightfoot


Manna Gallery is featuring a series of digital paintings and a wall of fused glass by returning Oakland artist Mark Lightfoot. This exhibition opens First Friday, August 4 and continues until September 16. A reception for Mark will occur on Saturday, August 5, from 2 to 4 pm when he will be present to greet gallery visitors and discuss his exploration of this new body of work.

Mark has a long career as a painter, print maker and sculptor. Over the past three years, he has gradually moved into developing artworks on the computer and concurrently has been working with kiln formed glass. His expansion into these new mediums has energized his art making, opening his mind to exciting new possibilities by using both new technology and ancient materials.

Mark produced a commission last year where the client wanted a series of abstract landscapes in vivid, prismatic colors. Inspired by this project, he continued developing the landscape motif using his computer and glass kiln. The installation of fused glass panels generally suggest aerial views while the digital “paintings” usually employ a horizon line. The digital “paintings” are a composite of original artworks, scans and found photography, blended and layered using Photoshop software.  See examples below.

The entire back wall of the gallery is given over to an installation of 40 fused glass panels where gallery lighting adds a vivid play of shadows on the wall cast from the sculpted glass pieces floating above the wall’s surface.

Mark was raised in Michigan where he began drawing and painting at an early age. He graduated with a BS Design degree from the University of Michigan and moved to the west coast where he received his MFA in Painting from the University of Washington in Seattle. Always able to work in the arts, he has been an art educator, gallery director, commercial artist and fine artist. His work is in both private collections and public spaces in Michigan, Washington, British Columbia and California.

Fire and Ice III
Fire and Ice IX
Haze I